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Mens Paisley Shirts


Make a statement this season with men's paisley shirts showcasing a wide variety of pleasing patterns. Paired with men's jeans, style your off-duty days, or add a vibrant touch teamed with trousers to your occasion look. Featuring short and long sleeves, make this a wardrobe staple.

Pretty Green Navy Blue Alloway Paisley Shirt (U15042) | ₪ 442
Pretty Green Navy Blue Alloway Paisley Print Kaftan Shirt (U15052) | ₪ 442
Jeff Banks White Long Sleeve Paisley Print Shirt (T33440) | ₪ 279
Jeff Banks Blue Long Sleeve 5 Colour Print Paisley Shirt (M80044) | ₪ 279
White Paisley Regular Fit Single Cuff Printed Shirt (M01736) | ₪ 71