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From its inception in 1905 Gola has grown from humble beginnings to become an internationally recognised brand. Who would believe that a small workshop in Leicester, at the turn of the twentieth century, making handmade football boots, would have grown to such heights in popularity? It's fair to say that Gola has stood the test of time and made its mark on the fashion world, having kept with the mindset of creating original heritage silhouettes that are trend relevant wardrobe stables.

Gola Blue Kids Austin Pure Strap Recycled PU Trainers (N12809) | ₪ 256
Gola Gold Ladies Bullet Blaze Lace Up Trainers (K72425) | ₪ 349
Gola White Grandslam Trident Lace-Up Trainers (K23022) | ₪ 396
Gola Green Ladies' Grandslam Pearl Lace-Up Trainers (P86091) | ₪ 396
Gola Blue Mens Harrier Suede Lace Up Trainers (K72427) | ₪ 396
Gola Brown Mens Equipe Suede Lace-Up Trainers (N12830) | ₪ 349
Gola Black Ladies Badminton Canvas Lace-Up Trainers (L54255) | ₪ 303
Gola White Grandslam Leather Lace-Up Trainers (R63579) | ₪ 419
Gola Blue Ladies Daytona Mirror Lace Up Trainers (K72426) | ₪ 326
Gola White Kids Grandslam Trident Strap Trainers (N12810) | ₪ 256
Gola White Ladies Grandslam Trident Lace-Up Trainers (N12848) | ₪ 396
Gola White Grandslam Classic Leather Lace-Up Trainers (K23046) | ₪ 396